Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you through the stress of managing and putting together your touring plans. Please see below for answers to some of your most pressing questions!

Contact us with your intention to participate and request a Letter of Invitation (LOI). We will need the name of your team and manager as well as the address of the club to furnish the LOI. Once in hand, contact your embassy to set up group appointments for your players. Upon securing dates, resend names of group members visiting the embassy so that we can further communicate with them on your behalf. If successful, the booking stage would be next!

All teams must pay their registration fee 1 month prior to the start of the tournament to guarantee entry into the event.

Yes, should a team not make this deadline, a $100 per week (non-refundable) late fee will be assessed to the registration fee up until a final payment date 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

No, the tournament entry fees are not refundable.

The tournament allows up to 12 players to be enrolled per team.

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of six (6) games during the tournament.

Each tournament package consist of enrollment in the tournament, all transportation needed during your stay (airport transfers and tournament shuttles), accommodations, breakfast and entry into all tournament related activities.

Tournament games will be played in accordance to INF rules and regulations. Tournament play will be in a short format. First and second round games will be seven (7) minutes per half, while semi-finals and final matches will be ten (10) minutes per half. (Match duration may be altered depending on number of teams enrolled).

The senior edition will continue to offer prize monies for the winner of the championship division. Prize monies will be contingent upon enrollment & sponsorship levels. Teams will be notified of the final decision at the team managers meeting. All managers are expected to attend the meeting. The organizer will not be accountable for grievances arising from missed information.

Other prizes include:

Championship division:

  • 1st place winner gets trophy, medals and prize monies
  • 2nd place winner gets medals
  • 3rd place winner gets medals

Plate Division:

  • 1st place winner gets plaque
  • 2nd place winner gets plaque
  • 3rd place winner gets dog tags

Mixed Division:

  • 1st place winner gets trophy & medals
  • 2nd place winner gets medals
  • 3rd place winner gets medals

Male Division:

  • 1st place winner gets trophy & medals
  • 2nd place winner gets medals
  • 3rd place winner gets medals

Other trophies include: MVP, Best Uniforms & Shooting champion.

Yes, each category is allowed to have 2 overaged players, however, they must be born on or before the said cut of date of the previous year. ie. They cannot be more than 1 year older than the applicable category

All teams are required to stay in a tournament sponsored hotel. This is a requirement to participate in the event.

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